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Double Size Dohar

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Be it winter or an air conditioner-induced cold, it can be used all the season. You can depend on our double bed dohar to keep you cozy, snug, and comfortable. We, at Jaipur Mela, have a dohar for everyone regardless of their taste.

A Choice of Two Types of Dohar
Our double bed dohar comes in two types – one has flannel inside and is perfect for all seasons, and the other is without the flannel. Dohars at Jaipur Mela are generally sized and are measured at 90 inches x 108 inches.

The dohar that we offer are designed by artisans of Rajasthan and each one comes with a unique print that is eye-catching and pleasing. Some of these amazing and utilitarian dohars are screen machine-printed while a majority is printed using the hand block technique.

An Array of Designs
We offer dohar to suit every type of décor. Whether you are looking for a floral motif, a paisley design, or a traditional Rajasthani print, you will find it right here at Jaipur Mela. We take pride in bringing you an astonishing range of designs to suit your tastes and preferences.

Our dohar quilts that we offer come with double side printed. The colors are delightful and comforting and not at all garish. The quality designs make these double bed dohars highly coveted, and we are certain that you will enjoy owning and using them.

So, if you are looking for an attractive and comfortable double bed dohar that is designed to keep comfortable all year round, do not look beyond Jaipur Mela.

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