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Whether it is winter or summer, Jaipur Mela allows you to beautify your bedroom and keep it looking neat and colorful with quilted bedspreads. Our attractive bedspreads are crafted with care by Rajasthani master artisans, who are passionate about creating stunning and eye-catching designs.

Superior Quality Bedspreads
We offer a comprehensive range of quilted bedspreads and double bedspreads online. You will be amazed at the quality of the fabric weave and the designs that they are adorned with. Made using the hand block printing technique, these bedspreads come in an array of designs.

They are made from 100% pure cotton and jacquard fabric; the quilted bedspreads are machine-made while the double bedspreads are hand-made.

Superior Quality Control
Once the bedspreads are printed using the hand block printing technique, each bedspread is carefully checked to ensure there are no errors in the printing. This enables us to provide you with near-perfect prints that are eye-catching.

Create Your Comfortable Haven
When you shop for quilted and double bedspreads online, you can rest assured that the soothing prints will add a relaxing and welcoming ambiance to your bedroom. Each bedspread offers a protective cover for your bed and the colorful floral and paisley prints make the bed inviting. You can use these bedspreads in a minimalist bedroom and create a focal point.

Shop for Your Bedspreads Today!
Check out the wonderful and attractive double bedspreads online and quilted bedspreads online and purchase the ones that you fancy. With Jaipur Mela, you will have the right bedspread for every season and that will help to uplift your mood and spirits.

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